About me

“MyVersitee” is a project alias.

MyVersitee stands shortened for ” My diversity”.
Any other combination was already taken 😉

MyVersitee is an artist, project, production and attitude pseudonym.

I am not a straight forward person fulfilling cliches. I am strange, divers, and therefor not following typical rules unless it happens unintentionally.

So, who is MyVersitee?

I am Rebecca, a German girl born in the 80’s.

I was born male, but already started noticing that I am different at the age of six. Finally, at the age of 35, I realized I am transident (aka “transsexual”).
My transition is about finished, so now I am a girl named Rebecca.

I am pretty pansexual, now married to a woman – which would be lesbian 😉

I watch movies, listen to music,
and prefer fantasy, steam punk, cyber punk, alternative and metal atmosphere. But I am open to anything that is not German Folk (“Schlager”) or pure electronic mainstream.

My profession is “IT Software Support Engineer”, so I commuicate a lot and help customers with their technical questions and issues, often extending to their infrastructural problems not even related to our products.

What you will find here is my private project information,
such as sound samples, drawings and maybe so much more,
as I am having an eye on game development.

By the way, when you are in Germany (area Mönchengladbach, Krefeld, Neuss, Düsseldorf) and interested in contributing in projects, feel free to contact me.
MyVersitee is a solo project at this time, but does not have to be in the future.