I’m Rebecca and I’m from – and living in – Germany.
I am a queer, atypical personality.
At the age 13 I started learning the drums with official drum lessons in our local community music school for 2-3 years.
At the age 15, I started teaching myself playing guitar because I wanted to be able to express myself in a more “melodic” way.
It was at the age of 16 I also started experimenting singing – very late, because my parents believed I would not be talented to sing, since all our family can’t sing. If I wouldn’t have taken over that believe, I might have started earlier.

After hanging out with two or three bands and trying to gig, I met my first wife. We married and ten years later I finally couldn’t take it anymore and started my transition to become the female I always felt I was. My wife didn’t accept that then and threatened me to ruin my reputation when I did.

Well, I did and that was an ugly divorce.

Now I’m married again to a person that really loves me, and I’m the girl I was always meant to be. Slowly I started making music again.

So here I am, held back in my musical development for about twelve years, having fun again and enjoying to play for you.

What you see in my videos is not just me playing all instruments for songs I wrote myself, it is also me while I am playing the instruments for the song.
So this is why this is not the best acting work, but it’s purely authentic. You see clips of the recording take that is in the music while I’m recording it, cut together to a video you can hopefully enjoy.

I am a smal artist.
I am not into money.
What I’d really love is the feedback from you,
which could be liking my music and giving thumbs up, commenting on what you liked and didn’t like, and maybe a subscription to my channels?
My works are free. Just help me go as viral as you think I deserve.
Thank you.